Enterprising Australians
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Welcome to the home of the Enterprising Australians Program.

The Enterprising Australians Program provides enterprise education resources to Australian Schools for use in the core subject areas of numeracy, literacy and humanities.

In addition to improving outcomes in these core subject areas, the resources increase the levels of awareness, interest and understanding of Australian children to become more enterprising.

Teachers are provided with Units of Work that contain resources which include DVDs, video’s, teaching plans, student worksheets, project activities and evaluation materials.

The resources are standards based and directly link to the curricula for Year 5 and 6 and Year 7 & 8 for schools in Victoria and Year 6 and 7 for schools in Queensland. While the Unit of Work can be integrated easily into Teacher’s planning in a dynamic and interesting way, guidance and support is provided for teachers via www.enterprising.com.au

The resources provide an opportunity for students to learn about Enterprising Australians, their lives, the challenges they overcame and their contributions in a wide number of areas. These areas include health and science (Dr Fiona Wood inventor of spray-on skin for burns victims), the environment and community (Sir Alan Walker the founder of Lifeline), and business and industry (Janine Allis, creator of Boost Juice).

Through a mix of formal teaching and self learning using the resources, students quickly understand what it means to be enterprising. Students can then be provided with the opportunities to use the knowledge they have gained through practical activities that can involve working with parents, teachers and local community organisations.

Enterprising Australians provides opportunities for students to demonstrate achievement against the standards in Humanities (English & Economics), Mathematics, Interpersonal Development, Personal learning, Interdisciplinary learning, Thinking Processes, Information & Communications Technology and Design. The Program also encourages teamwork, problem solving, and creativity amongst students.

In 2007, the resources are available at no charge to a limited number of participating schools.

As parents, teachers and Ambassadors we can plant the seeds early and watch the students grow and thrive into adulthood.

If you or your school would like to get involved or you would like further information please contact us